About Us

About the Bedford and County People’s Momentum Group.

As the successor to the campaign to elect Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour
Party, Momentum is a Labour Party focused organization and its structure must reflect
that. Momentum seeks to strengthen the Labour Party by increasing participation and
engagement at local, regional and national levels. Furthermore, Momentum is
committed to supporting the Labour Party winning elections and entering government. It
seeks to use its base in the Labour Party and Labour movement to reach out to the 99%
of people who are not currently in any political party, spread Labour values and increase
Labour Party membership.

Momentum Bedford & County is a verified group, located in Bedford and have members from Bedfordshire. Momentum Bedford & County covers Bedford Borough and includes Bedford & Kempston, North East Beds, Mid Beds and South West Beds CLPs. Our sister group Momentum Luton covers Luton North and South CLPs


Who is eligible for Momentum membership?
Individuals are eligible for membership of Momentum if they support the objectives of
Momentum, adhere to the code of ethics and are either a member of the Labour Party,
an affiliate supporter or support the aims and values of the Labour Party and are not
members of other political parties.

Whilst members of other political parties are not eligible for membership of Momentum,
individuals can still attend public meetings, joint campaigns or events. Please see the
‘Who can attend Momentum meeting?” section for further information.

What is a supporter?
Supporters are individuals who are eligible for membership (see above), but have not
become members. Supporters can still attend and participate in local meetings,
activities and decisionmaking. However, they will not be able to stand for office or vote
in elections.

Who can attend meetings?
Local groups will be able to hold different types of meetings:

1. Participatory organising and planning meetings
These meetings are open to members and supporters of Momentum (see above). In
these meetings, groups plan activities or campaigns, decide local priorities and make
decisions for the group.

2. Public meetings, events and activities
Public events can be attended by anybody. This may also involve joint campaigns and
activities with other groups who share common aims and objectives.


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